Our Leadership Team

Patrick Cammaert

Patrick Cammaert (Chairman).

Major General (ret) Patrick Cammaert had a distinguished career in the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps and with the UN, serving in various key roles in Cambodia, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Congo. After retiring in 2007, he became an advocate in leadership, peacekeeping, and security sector reform, advising the UN on strategic planning, civilian protection, and women’s security issues. Cammaert was instrumental in developing training on conflict-related sexual violence and led the UN Female Military Officers Course. His UN missions included fact-finding and evaluations in multiple conflict zones, and he served as a Special Envoy in Sri Lanka.Cammaert headed the UN Board of Inquiry for Gaza incidents in 2014 and led investigations into violence in South Sudan and Juba. In 2018, he chaired the committee overseeing the Hodeidah Agreement in Yemen. From 2021 to 2022, he investigated the Dutch contribution to Syrian armed groups. Additionally, he mentors at the Global Peace Operations Initiative’s Contingent Commanders Courses.


  • Consultant International Peace and Security
  • Major General (ret)


  • Royal Dutch Naval Institute
  • IDL
Derk Wisman

Derk Wisman (CEO).

Derk Wisman, with a background as an officer in the Dutch Marines Corps, founded MSS Defence in 2010. His military experience, marked by leadership roles in various international deployments, has been crucial in understanding the defence and security sector’s needs. He has effectively guided and built MSS DEFENCE to become a respected solution provider in the global defence and law enforcement market. Derk’s ability to match demanding customer’s complex needs with integrated solutions consisting of products, systems and soft components, makes him a valuable asset in the industry. Besides managing the company Derk also advises various international customers on the subject of crisis and security management.


  • Various leadership roles – Dutch Marine Corps
  • Senior Consultant – Control Risks Group
  • Director at various staffing organisations


  • Royal Dutch Naval Institute
  • Business Information Management
Dave van der Kaden

Dave van der Kaden (COO).

Dave van der Kaden started his career at MSS Defence in 2018. Fluent in Spanish, thanks to his internship in 2017 in Medellin, Colombia, Dave brings a unique blend of linguistic versatility and diverse experiences to his role. Always on the lookout for new and innovative products and solutions, Dave’s forward-thinking approach has been a driving force in his various capacities within MSS Defence. In his current role as Operational Director, Dave continues to lead MSS Defence with dedication and proficiency, steering the company towards new heights of innovation and operational excellence.


  • Sales Manager – MSS Defence
  • Business Development Manager – ZEPCAM


  • The Haque University Applied Sciences BA

Dmitry Kovtunenko

Dmitry Kovtunenko (CCO ).

As of May 2023, Dimitry Kvtunenko has taken on the role of Director Business Development at MSS Defence. His background is rooted in the military. He spent over a decade in the Royal Dutch Navy, honing his leadership skills. During this time, he held various roles, including Navigation Officer and Principal Warfare Officer, contributing to anti-piracy efforts in the Gulf of Aden during Operation “Allied Protector.” Beyond his military tenure, Dimitry’s career highlights include positions in maritime education, where he excelled as the Managing Director and Dean of the Kazakhstan Maritime Academy. He’s also ventured into business development roles, such as his position as Director Business Development and Area Manager Europe at Saab Maritime Traffic Management. Next to his professional job he’s also the founder and chairman of the Spirit of Freedom Foundation, providing humanitarian assistance, medical aid, and reconstruction efforts for Ukraine.


Business Development Director – Saab
Managing Director  – Kazakhstan Maritime Academy
Head of Maritime Department – IMCO


  • Royal Dutch Naval Institute
  • Netherlands Belgium Operational School
  • Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen

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