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Secure and Clear Military Communication Solutions

We deliver innovative solutions in military radios, headsets, and microphones, ensuring clear, secure, and steadfast communications even amidst the harshest conditions. Additionally, our RF-jammers strategically deny hostile forces the utilization of radios and drones, safeguarding your operations

Crystal-Clear Communication

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In today’s rapidly changing environment, staying ahead means being aware and prepared. At MSS Defence, we recognise the importance of mission readiness and situational awareness. Effective communication is a key driver for situational awareness. We provide cutting-edge communication products that ensure effective intelligence gathering and facilitate swift decision-making.

Why effective communication is paramount

Understanding the Battlefield: The first step to victory is understanding the context. Through effective communication tools, ground units can gain critical intelligence, comprehend the environment, and establish an understanding of potential challenges ahead. Informed Decision-making: With the correct data, commanders can make informed decisions swiftly. Effective communication ensures that this data reaches the proper channels in real time. Synergy Across Units: Coordination between different units is crucial for a mission’s success. Communication bridges this gap, ensuring a synchronised approach.

Communication solutions.

Personal role radios

Stay connected even in the most challenging situations. Our body-worn radios are designed for resilience, offering clear transmission even in hostile environments.

Mesh Networking

A decentralised approach to communication. Our mesh networking radio solutions allow for adaptive and self-healing networks, ensuring continuous communication.

Tactical Headsets & PTT

Our tactical headsets provide clear audio with noise-cancellation features for those on the frontline. Combined with our Push-to-Talk (PTT) solutions, stay connected effortlessly.

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