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Enhancing the survivability of our customers since 2009, we present a formidable array of protective gear and solutions. Our offerings, spanning from anti-ballistic body armour and helmets to tents, blast barriers, and prefab trenches, ensure your shield against adversity is robust and unyielding.

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In a world of unpredictable scenarios and ever-evolving threats, the significance of personal protection cannot be overstated. To complete your mission, not only do you need to be ready, but you must also possess the tools that guarantee your survival. Protection goes beyond the realm of just saving lives. It interlinks with various aspects such as sustaining combat effectiveness, strategy, morale, and societal and political considerations. At MSS Defence, we understand the complexities involved. Equipped with a deep understanding of diverse threat landscapes, we are dedicated to ensuring you are always prepared for what lies ahead. We proudly present our comprehensive range of protection solutions, ensuring your safety.

Protection solutions.

Body Armour & helmets

Equipping yourself with the right kind of protective wear is essential in high-risk environments. Our anti-ballistic vests, plate carriers and helmets are designed to provide optimal protection against different threat levels, ensuring mobility and comfort.

Camouflage Systems

Blending in with your surroundings can be the difference between success and failure. Our uniforms come with camouflage patterns that effectively mimic various terrains, helping you remain unnoticed and safe.


In unpredictable environments, having a reliable shelter system is critical. Our tents are designed to withstand harsh conditions, offering you a safe haven amidst chaos.

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Enforce Tac 2024


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