Premium service

Premium service for demanding defence customers

Established with the core mission of simplifying the multifaceted world of defence, MSS Defence is committed to delivering world-class services. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide tailored solutions to meet each client’s unique needs, no matter their size or scope.

Our premium service package.

Immediate Assistance

Understanding the urgency of defence requirements, we prioritise your needs. You can expect our team to respond within hours, ensuring no request goes unanswered for more than one working day.

Quick Quotation

Time is of the essence. With MSS Defence, you’ll receive a comprehensive quotation within 24 hours. For more intricate, non-standard requirements, we’re committed to providing an expedited quotation without compromising accuracy.

Equality in Service

At MSS Defence, every client is a priority. Regardless of size, domain, or stature, we ensure consistent, high-quality service for all – be it government entities, corporations, or individual customers.

Robust Warranty

Your peace of mind is key. All our products come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring you get only the best.

Quality Control

Quality is a commitment. Before dispatch, our dedicated team checks the functionality of your product(s), guaranteeing you receive items in pristine condition.

Secure Packaging

Safety first. Whether it’s a small component or a large piece of equipment, we ensure secure packaging, facilitating damage-free transit to destinations around the globe.

Flexible Terms

While our standard shipping terms are EXWORKS, we acknowledge diverse client needs. That’s why we also offer CIF and DAP shipping terms. Note: Additional fees may be applicable.

Multiple Payment Options

For your convenience, we support various payment methods including bank wire, Paypal, Stripe, and L/C. However, please be informed that additional fees might apply to certain payment modes.

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