Optimising Human Performance Through Science

Victus Support offers comprehensive and effective food supplements, specifically designed to meet the cognitive and physical needs of Special Operations Forces (SOF) and the military. Our goal is to enhance cognitive and athletic performance, as well as recovery, in order to achieve Sustainable Human Performance. Science plays the lead role in everything that we do.

Why Choose Victus?


Scientifically Backed Solutions for High Performers

Victus Support is driven by a mission to alleviate cognitive and physical stress for military personnel and high performers. Collaborating with the University of Wageningen, their dedicated team conducts extensive research to provide immediate relief and sustainable solutions, prioritising mental health prevention.


Comprehensive Research and Innovative Approach

Victus Support collaborates with scientists and researchers to understand and address the unique challenges faced by military and emergency personnel. Their commitment to both immediate relief and sustainable solutions, along with breaking taboos, sets Victus apart in enhancing the well-being of high performers.


Holistic Support for Long-Term Performance

Victus Support’s mission extends beyond addressing present issues; they aim to offer sustainable, user-friendly solutions. Focusing on prevention and awareness, Victus aims to contribute to the overall mental and physical well-being of military and emergency personnel, ensuring long-term performance and an improved quality of life.

victus Products.


A precision-engineered nootropic crafted by and for those working in the shadows, disrupted by inconsistent sleep and prolonged stress, resulting in cognitive impairment. Its function: to elevate and sustain your mental capability.


The most advanced and complete tactical recovery bar on the market. Its function: to counter muscle loss, wear & tear, reduce the risk of injuries, and build a stronger, more stress-resistant body overall.

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