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Send Nods Nightvision was founded by a former soldier with a background in intelligence and counter-espionage. With a passion for advanced technologies and practical products, our founder embarked on a mission to fill a gap in the European market. In 2021, the journey began with the development of Wide Eye Bridge, which met with great success, leading to further exploration of cutting-edge technologies. This journey culminated in the creation of Send Impact AirPads, a meticulously developed head protection solution, after over a year of dedicated research and engineering. All our products are proudly designed and manufactured in Germany, adhering to the highest standards of quality and innovation.

Why Choose Send Nods Nightvision?


Innovation and Technology

Send Nods is dedicated to utilizing the latest industry technology to manufacture our products. We exclusively employ state-of-the-art processes and machinery, ensuring that our offerings are at the forefront of innovation. Additionally, our commitment to manufacturing solely in Germany guarantees uncompromising quality and adherence to rigorous standards.


Design and Ergonomics

Each of our products is meticulously crafted by engineers and subjected to rigorous testing. We leverage the latest technologies to enhance design and ergonomics, resulting in unique and highly functional solutions. Our dedication to innovation ensures that our products not only meet but exceed user expectations, providing unparalleled comfort and performance.


Premium Materials Exclusively

At Send Nods Nightvision, we believe in using only the highest quality, certified materials. Our products are crafted from premium materials that have been meticulously developed and tested to ensure durability, reliability, and effectiveness. While it may be easier to cut corners, we prioritize excellence, guaranteeing that our customers receive nothing but the best.

Send Nods Nightvision Products

WIDE EYE Dual Bridge

Introducing the WIDE EYE Dual Bridge, a groundbreaking accessory specifically engineered for MIL-Spec PVS-14 night vision devices. This innovative solution dramatically broadens the field of view (FoV) and seamlessly transforms two monocular units into a high-performance binocular system. Designed with input from a wide array of users, it offers a cost-effective way to achieve 3D vision, significantly enhancing situational awareness in various scenarios, including Close Quarters Battle (CQB) and vehicle operations.

Send Impact AirPads

Experience next-generation head protection with Send Impact AirPads, powered by cutting-edge Carbon DLS technology. We push the boundaries of impact resistance while ensuring breathability and comfort with our high-performance materials. Through precise additive manufacturing, we utilize scientific data to create innovative patterns that fulfil user needs and industry standards. Trust in Send Impact AirPads for superior protection without compromise.

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