The WIDE VIEW Dual Bridge is a transformative accessory for night vision technology, providing an expansive and immersive visual experience. By enhancing depth and field of vision, it sets a new standard for tactical and observational activities. Whether for military operations, surveillance, or night-time exploration, the Dual Bridge offers an unparalleled advantage, merging innovative design with practical functionality.


Binocular System Transformation: Effortlessly merges two PVS-14 monoculars into a binocular configuration, providing an affordable approach to 3D vision with an extended FoV of up to 55 degrees—substantially wider than the typical 30-40 degrees seen in standard binocular night vision systems.


Enhanced Field Application: Ideal for CQB and vehicle usage, the Dual Bridge enables operators to maintain a wider visual field, facilitating quicker reaction times and heightened operational efficiency.


Developed with User Insights: Shaped by extensive feedback from a diverse group of users, including military personnel and astronomers, ensuring its adaptability and performance across a range of applications.


Advanced Design and Materials: Utilizes AI-driven generative design for an optimal mix of lightweight and durability, minimizing visibility. Made from top-tier PA12 polyamide, it withstands a “drop test” from 2 meters, proving its toughness.


Flexible Compatibility and Mounting: Features interchangeable arms compatible with Mini-Rail systems and standard Mil-Spec PVS14 devices, offering secure and versatile mounting options for dual night vision setups.

WIDE EYE Dual Bridge: Revolutionary Enhancement for MIL-Spec PVS-14 Night Vision.

Introducing the WIDE EYE Dual Bridge, a groundbreaking accessory specifically engineered for MIL-Spec PVS-14 night vision devices. This innovative solution dramatically broadens the field of view (FoV) and seamlessly transforms two monocular units into a high-performance binocular system. Designed with input from a wide array of users, it offers a cost-effective way to achieve 3D vision, significantly enhancing situational awareness in various scenarios, including Close Quarters Battle (CQB) and vehicle operations.

Technical Specifications:
  • Field of View: Expands up to 55 degrees
  • Material: Durable high-performance PA12 polyamide
  • Manufacturing Process: Crafted through Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
  • Compatibility: Adapts to Mini-Rail systems and standard Mil-Spec PVS14
  • Weight: Ultra-light at 70 grams

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