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At MSS Defence, our primary goal is “mission readiness through enhanced situational awareness and survivability” of the soldiers. The act of unprecedented aggression by the Russian Federation on the 24th of February 2022 changed the world order in many aspects. Still, moreover, it changed the lives of many Ukrainian families who were forced to defend everything dear to their hearts. We could not stay aside and provided immediate support to Ukraine by delivering hard-needed supplies of protective materials, communication and medical supplies by creating a unique Ukrainian service desk, manned and operated on a 24/7 basis by our sales manager, Svitlana Sosnovska.
Ukraine - MSS Defence
We recognise our clients’ challenges and we go beyond product delivery. We provide unmatched operational assistance to ensure mission readiness is achieved and maintained. Our team of experts is dedicated to assisting customers in overcoming obstacles, optimising system usage, and offering solutions for any contingencies that may arise. This commitment to continuous support reinforces our promise of unwavering mission readiness.


Just a 1 minute video about our efforts for Ukraine:

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Svitlana Sosnovska | MSS Defence | Sales Manager Ukraine


Cellphone / WhatsApp: +380 50 419 8888
Cellphone NLD: +31 639 659 149