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U-WIN is a Ukrainian producer of tactical gear designed for challenging missions. Their products are developed and constantly improved in cooperation with active-duty military personnel based on their experience in real war conditions. To deliver high-value, durable gear to consumers, U-WIN exclusively utilises top-notch specialised materials and accessories. This commitment ensures that their products, including plate carriers, soft armour inserts, and tactical pouches, exhibit precise characteristics such as peak functionality, quality, and wear resistance.



U-WIN Protect

Why Choose U-WIN Protect?


Equipment perfected in real war conditions

All the products are developed in cooperation with military personnel from various branches of the armed forces, who test the equipment and advise on all the necessary improvements. So that it’s constantly improved to have the best performance in the most challenging conditions.



Battlefield-tested gear

All the goods went through diverse combat battles with different kinds of circumstances and weather conditions and showed themselves as reliable and functional. That’s why it could be claimed that their characteristics meet the high-intensity combat fight requirements.




High-quality durable materials and accessories.

U-WIN PROTECT uses the best materials and accessories of their kind, with quality certificates: original abrasion-resistant Cordura (USA and Germany) with water and oil repellent treatment, as well as NIR treatment, stitched with TYTAN reinforced thread; 2M accessories; durable polyamide straps; and ultra-high molecular weight polyethene Dyneema (USA) for ballistic packages.



u-win protect Products.


Embark on a mission-ready journey with U-WIN Plate Carriers. As a Ukrainian producer dedicated to excellence, U-WIN Plate Carriers prioritize peak functionality, quality, and wear resistance.


Embark on a tactical adventure with U-WIN Packs & Pouches, meticulously designed for the demands of challenging missions. Collaborating with active-duty military personnel, U-WIN ensures that its products, including Packs & Pouches, stand the test of real war conditions.


Durable, versatile, and performance-driven, our Belt/Shoulder Systems are engineered to provide optimal functionality in the field. Whether you're on a tactical mission or engaging in intense maneuvers, U-WIN ensures that you have the reliable support needed to enhance your operational efficiency.

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