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A Deep Dive into Our Premier Tactical and Defense Brands

Few companies can match the 250+ brands under our umbrella regarding state-of-the-art and battle-tested equipment. Our commitment to quality, precision, and reliability is evident in every product we deliver. With particular brands, we have a long-lasting or special relationship. These brands offer our domestic market customers the most innovative products of particular interest. These manufacturers fully align with our vision, mission and strategy. Please find below some of our flagship brands. Or visit our online catalogue to view our entire network of brands and products.

OTTO Communications

Specialising in crafting premium two-way radio accessories, OTTO Engineering is renowned for its tactical headsets, earplugs, speaker microphones, location tracking devices, and push-to-talk options. All products are adaptable to virtually every radio platform.


AGILITE isn’t just a brand—it’s a testament to the unparalleled quality of Israeli tactical gear manufacturing. Battle-proven and trusted by elite military and law enforcement units worldwide, AGILITE’s gear epitomises resilience and functionality.


As Canada’s premier manufacturer of electro-optical equipment, GSCI has been setting the industry’s benchmark in Night Vision and Thermal Imaging since 1992. Their unparalleled commitment to innovation ensures they remain at the pinnacle of low-light electro-optics.


With a legacy of creating impeccable optics for surveillance, FUJINON leads its domain. From day/night to the remarkable gyro-stabilized STABISCOPE binoculars, it’s no wonder FUJINON is the trusted choice of elite organisations, including the Dutch Coastguard and Air force.


When tactical demands meet elite craftsmanship, you get BERGHAUS TACTICAL. Their ingenious designs offer superior, reliable load carrying equipment. Iconic products like the Crusader and Vulcan rucksacks have become essential assets to armed forces across the globe.


In an age where drones pose new threats, DRONESHIELD offers sophisticated counter-drone solutions, merging AI-based sensor fusion and adept signal processing. Their solutions can either stand-alone or seamlessly integrate with third-party platforms.


MuchMoreWater specializes in innovative water purification and desalination technologies, crucial for defence operations. Their commitment to providing reliable, sustainable, and portable water solutions ensures essential support for troops in diverse and challenging environments.

Rekord Structures

Rekord Structures excels in providing temporary and modular structures that are essential for defence applications. Their expertise in crafting durable, quick-to-deploy, and highly secure solutions makes them a vital contributor to the dynamic and demanding field of defence infrastructure.


GhostHood stands at the forefront of camouflage and concealment technology in the defence sector. Their cutting-edge solutions, designed for maximum effectiveness and adaptability, play a crucial role in enhancing operational stealth and safety in challenging environments.


Ensuring maximum safety, DIRICKX SYSTEMS offers ground-breaking physical barrier systems. Whether against blasts, ballistics, floods, or hostile vehicle incursions, their products are impenetrable fortresses protecting lives and critical infrastructures.


Victus is at the forefront of field nutrition, offering innovative solutions designed to meet the rigorous demands of military operations. Their commitment to providing high-energy, nutritious sustenance in challenging environments is vital for the well-being and performance of military personnel.


TriggerSafe specializes in advanced firearm safety solutions, essential for responsible and secure military operations. Their innovative approach to weapon safety enhances operational efficiency while prioritizing the protection of personnel and assets in dynamic combat environments.

U-WIN Protect


U-WIN is a Ukrainian producer of tactical gear designed for challenging missions. Their products are developed and constantly improved in cooperation with active-duty military personnel based on their experience in real war conditions.

Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS)

Rapid Deployable Systems

Rapid Deployable Systems, LLC, formerly known as Eureka! Expeditionary Systems, is a U.S.-based company specializing in the manufacture of tents and shelters designed for military use in challenging environments.

Protection Group Denmark

Protection Group Denmark

Protection Group Denmark, established in 2013, specializes in high-quality body armor and ballistic helmets. They use materials from leading manufacturers like DSM, Dupont, Teijin, and Honeywell to ensure maximum protection against advanced threats.

U-WIN Protect

Send Nods

Founded by a former soldier, Send Nods Nightvision blends cutting-edge technology with practicality, offering top-tier products all made with German precision. This fusion of innovation, design, and quality materials sets Send Nods apart in the night vision and protective gear market. Choosing Send Nods means opting for unmatched excellence and performance.

AGM Global Vision

AGM Global vision

AGM Global Vision is a leader in night vision and thermal imaging technology. AGM is dedicated to enhancing the operational capabilities of military and defence professionals at an affordable price. Their products are designed to improve situational awareness and ensure mission readiness under the most demanding conditions.

Adventure Tactical

adventure tactical

Adventure Tactical, a leader in tactical innovation for 30 years, offers an extensive range of products including IFF markers, beacons, and Expeditionary Landing Systems, designed to enhance operational efficiency in demanding environments.


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