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A Deep Dive into Our Premier Tactical and Defense Brands

Few companies can match the 250+ brands under our umbrella regarding state-of-the-art and battle-tested equipment. Our commitment to quality, precision, and reliability is evident in every product we deliver. With particular brands, we have a long-lasting or special relationship. These brands offer our domestic market customers the most innovative products of particular interest. These manufacturers fully align with our vision, mission and strategy. Please find below some of our flagship brands. Or visit our online catalogue to view our entire network of brands and products.

OTTO Communications

Specialising in crafting premium two-way radio accessories, OTTO Engineering is renowned for its tactical headsets, earplugs, speaker microphones, location tracking devices, and push-to-talk options. All products are adaptable to virtually every radio platform.


AGILITE isn’t just a brand—it’s a testament to the unparalleled quality of Israeli tactical gear manufacturing. Battle-proven and trusted by elite military and law enforcement units worldwide, AGILITE’s gear epitomises resilience and functionality.


As Canada’s premier manufacturer of electro-optical equipment, GSCI has been setting the industry’s benchmark in Night Vision and Thermal Imaging since 1992. Their unparalleled commitment to innovation ensures they remain at the pinnacle of low-light electro-optics.


With a legacy of creating impeccable optics for surveillance, FUJINON leads its domain. From day/night to the remarkable gyro-stabilized STABISCOPE binoculars, it’s no wonder FUJINON is the trusted choice of elite organisations, including the Dutch Coastguard and Air force.


When tactical demands meet elite craftsmanship, you get BERGHAUS TACTICAL. Their ingenious designs offer superior, reliable load carrying equipment. Iconic products like the Crusader and Vulcan rucksacks have become essential assets to armed forces across the globe.


In an age where drones pose new threats, DRONESHIELD offers sophisticated counter-drone solutions, merging AI-based sensor fusion and adept signal processing. Their solutions can either stand-alone or seamlessly integrate with third-party platforms.


Ensuring maximum safety, DIRICKX SYSTEMS offers ground-breaking physical barrier systems. Whether against blasts, ballistics, floods, or hostile vehicle incursions, their products are impenetrable fortresses protecting lives and critical infrastructures.

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