Guard Every Trigger, Secure Every Moment

TriggerSafe™ is redefining firearm safety with its groundbreaking device designed to prevent accidental discharges. Ideal for a range of firearms, it addresses safety concerns during crucial moments such as transport, storage, and training. Its robust design and rapid deployment feature ensure both security and operational efficiency. Durable and versatile, TriggerSafe is an essential safety tool for those who handle firearms in various settings, offering peace of mind through enhanced protection.





Innovative Safety Solution

TriggerSafe’s unique design offers a practical and efficient way to prevent accidental discharges. Its patented technology ensures that the trigger of AR-15 rifles, shotguns, and Glock pistols is safely covered, reducing the risk of unintentional firing, particularly during non-operational times like storage or transport.



Rapid Application for Readiness

The quick snap-on/off feature of TriggerSafe allows for fast and secure application and removal. This rapid deployment ensures that the firearm’s readiness is not compromised, making it an ideal safety solution for military and special forces who require both safety and immediate weapon accessibility.



Durable and Versatile

Made from rugged Nylon plastic, TriggerSafe is designed to endure harsh conditions and fit a variety of firearms, including those with attached flashlights. Its durability and adaptability make it a versatile choice for different operational environments, providing consistent and reliable safety across various weapon platforms.




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