Ghost Hood

Revolutionizing Stealth: Cutting-Edge Camouflage Technology

GHOSTHOOD is a leader in camouflage technology, prioritizing stealth and concealment. The brand revolutionizes the field with innovative, versatile, and effective lightweight multispectral camouflage systems, redefining concealment across environments. Offering compact solutions, GHOSTHOOD stands out from traditional alternatives. Developed with special forces, their multifunctional products adhere to the highest standards. conCAMO patterns, rooted in perceptual psychology, create visual confusion to deceive the human brain. GHOSTHOOD uses advanced NIR-Color Printing for effectiveness against night vision technologies. Committed to safety and efficiency, the brand provides multispectral solutions for law enforcement and the military

Why Choose ghosthood?


Innovative Multispectral Camouflage Technology

GHOSTHOOD® stands out with its cutting-edge multispectral camouflage technology, offering unparalleled concealment across various spectrums, including visual, near-infrared, and thermal. This advanced technology ensures users remain undetected in a wide range of environments and conditions, making it a top choice for military and law enforcement professionals.


Lightweight and Compact Design

One of the key USPs of GHOSTHOOD® is its focus on lightweight and compact camouflage solutions. This design philosophy ensures that the gear is not only easy to transport but also reduces fatigue for users during prolonged operations, enhancing mobility and comfort without compromising on effectiveness


ConCAMO® Confusion Pattern

The patented conCAMO® pattern used by GHOSTHOOD® is a unique selling point. It’s designed based on perceptual psychology to create a visual illusion that confuses the observer, making it exceptionally difficult to detect the wearer. This pattern has been rigorously tested and proven to be highly effective in a variety of landscapes.

ghosthood Products.


Soldier worn camouflage gear such as hoodies, masks, ponchos, sniper veils and more. Made from light weight breathable materials.


Camouflage covers for backpacks, optics, tripods and rifles. Made from low-noise highly breathable materials.


Camouflage nets in various sizes to conceal hides, shelters and vehicles. Made from lightweight breathable see-through materials.


These camouflage items come in various sizes from single leaf up to 1,5 meter sheets. These items can be used for do it yourself camouflage projects.

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