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OTTO NoizeBarrier TAC Headset

The NoizeBarrier TAC revolutionises soldier communication with its advanced headset, offering unparalleled situational awareness and comfort. Designed through collaboration with tactical operators, it prioritises hearing protection while enhancing communication clarity. Customisable and durable, it features innovative technology for clear transmissions in noisy environments, setting a new standard in tactical communications.


Revolutionary Soldier Communication: NoizeBarrier TAC sets a new standard, enhancing situational awareness and communication clarity.


Optimised Comfort and Fit: Redesigned cup size and lighter headband ensure comfort during prolonged use.


Unmatched Auditory Experience: Dual-coil speakers with NoizeBarrier technology adapt dynamically for clear communication in challenging environments.


Advanced Microphone Technology: Noise-canceling boom microphone ensures clear radio transmissions with built-in active noise reduction.


Extended Operation and Durability: Efficient battery use provides up to 100 hours of talk time, meeting MIL-STD-810G and IP68 standards.

NoizeBarrier TAC: Revolutionising Soldier Communication.

Introducing the NoizeBarrier TAC, a revolutionary communications headset that sets a new standard for modern soldier communication and situational awareness. Crafted through collaboration with tactical operators, it prioritises hearing protection while empowering seamless decision-making in challenging environments.


Optimised Comfort and Fit:

Crafted to meet the rigorous demands of contemporary soldiers, the NoizeBarrier TAC features a meticulously redesigned cup size, tailored to fit under the Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH). A 12% reduction in weight enhances comfort during prolonged use, with a lighter and softer headband ensuring maximum comfort in tactical operations.

Unparalleled Auditory Experience:

2023 design enhancements contribute to an unmatched auditory experience. The dual-coil speakers, complemented by proprietary NoizeBarrier technology, dynamically adapt to loud or impulse sounds, maintaining situational awareness without compromising communication clarity.

Advanced Microphone Technology:

Equipped with a noise-canceling boom microphone featuring built-in active wind and noise reduction technology, the NoizeBarrier TAC ensures clear radio transmissions even in chaotic environments. 360-degree situational awareness microphones enhance sound localisation, crucial for threat detection.

Customisation and Adaptability:

User customisability is key. Easy-access volume controls offer five sound levels, while modular design and quick-disconnect cables ensure adaptability to diverse communication needs. Ultra-soft Comply foam ear cushions reduce unsafe noise levels and are easily replaceable in the field.

Extended Operation and Durability:

The NoizeBarrier TAC extends talk time with efficient use of two AAA lithium-ion batteries, providing up to 100 hours of operation. Meeting MIL-STD-810G specifications and achieving IP68 standard, it withstands full immersion in water while maintaining outstanding communications.

Made in the USA with Warranty:

Proudly made in the USA and compliant with TAA, BAA, and Berry Amendment, the NoizeBarrier TAC comes with a 1-year warranty. It represents cutting-edge design and engineering, redefining tactical communications for the modern soldier.

  • Offers outstanding hearing protection with an NRR of 23 dB (SNR: 29 dB).
  • Talk through powered by two AAA batteries
  • Talk time of 100 hours if 2 AAA lithium ion batteries are used. Auto idle shutdown will not degrade with depleting batteries
  • Automatic shut down after 2 hours of idle time
  • Microphone sensitivity rating at 94 dB SPL: -75 dB
  • Cable pull from ear cup axial: 40 lbs
  • Optimal operating and storage range: -40° C to +71° C
  • Meets MIL-STD-810G spec
  • USA Country of Origin. TAA, BAA, and Berry Amendment compliant
  • 1-year warranty
  • Meets IP68 standard to withstand full immersion to 1 meter for 31 minutes in salt and fresh water and continue to provide outstanding communications with situational awareness.
  • Dual-coil speakers and proprietary NoizeBarrier technology automatically adapt loud or impulse sounds to a safe level, while normal-level sounds, nearby conversation and radio communications are easily heard without clipping or shut-down of the situational awareness functionality.
  • Noise-canceling boom microphone has built-in active wind and noise reduction technology that virtually eliminates background noises and ensures understandable radio transmissions in loud environments.
  • 360-degree situational awareness microphones build into each ear cup provide accurate sound localisation to detect the direction of potential threats with near certainty
  • Easy-access volume controls on the left ear cup adjust sound to five different levels.
  • Available with fixed or modular quick-disconnect cables to meet a wide variety of comms needs.
  • Selectable signal separation allows dual-comm users to separate audio into left, right or both ears.
  • Ultra-soft Comply foam ear cushions form a tight seal around the ears to significantly reduce the effects of unsafe noise levels. Snap off to easily replace in the field when needed.
  • Multichannel, multi-radio options are available when used with the OTTO Multi-Port Hub PTT.
  • Low-profile ear cup design will not interfere with shouldering a firearm.
  • Optional rail-mount kit allows the user to easily convert the headset from over-the-head style to top or rear rail mount in the field without tools. Compatible with major Hi-Cut helmet systems including Ops-Core and Team Wendy.
  • Talk time of 100 hours if 2 AAA lithium ion batteries are used. Auto idle shutdown will not degrade with depleting batteries
  • Available in Black, Flat Dark Earth and Olive Drab Green

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