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Introducing Berghaus MMPS IR, a top-tier tactical backpack line crafted from 1100 Dtex polyamide fabric with high-end infrared protection, meeting military standards. Featuring front access for quick gear retrieval and customisable options, it’s a reliable companion for any mission, embodying Berghaus Tactical’s legacy of excellence in innovation and durability.


Advanced Durability: Berghaus MMPS IR backpacks feature 1100 Dtex polyamide fabric, meeting Bundeswehr TL 8305-0278 standards.


Quick Access: Front access (FA) design ensures swift gear retrieval, keeping you ready for action at all times.


Infrared Protection: High-end infrared protection adds an extra layer of security to your missions.


Versatile Capacity: Available in sizes ranging from 10 to 120 litres, accommodating diverse mission requirements.


Modular Design: Customise your pack with a modular design, adapting it to specific tasks for enhanced flexibility.

Berghaus MMPS IR: Peak Innovation in Tactical Backpacks.

Introducing the Berghaus Tactical Multi Mission Pack System IR (MMPS), a pinnacle of durability and innovation in the realm of tactical backpacks. Crafted from 1100 Dtex polyamide fabric, these packs stand as a testament to Berghaus’s commitment to excellence, meeting the stringent requirements of the Bundeswehr TL 8305-0278, complete with high-end infrared protection.

The MMPS IR takes the legacy of the MMPS to a new level, offering enhanced features and performance. The front access (FA) application provides quick and easy access to your gear, ensuring that you are always ready for action. The 1100 Dtex polyamide fabric not only ensures robustness but also guarantees the highest standards of infrared protection, adding an extra layer of security to your missions.

These rucksacks have been meticulously designed to carry any load, from 10 to 120 litres, catering to the diverse needs of different missions. Berghaus understands that in the field, adaptability is key, and the MMPS IR reflects this understanding with its modular design, allowing users to customise their packs for specific tasks.

In essence, the MMPS IR is not just a backpack; it’s a reliable companion that empowers professionals to face the challenges of their missions head-on. It represents the fusion of cutting-edge materials, thoughtful design, and a legacy of performance that defines Berghaus Tactical—a choice that ensures you’re equipped for success in every mission.


MMPS models available:
  • MMPS CRUSADER II 90+20 FA – IR/ Colours available: SGO
  • MMPS CRUSADER II 90+20 FA/ Colours available: C01
  • MMPS CRUSADER III 90+20/ Colours available: C01, S38
  • MMPS VULCAN IV MC/ Colours available: MC1
  • MMPS VULCAN IV/ Colours available: C01
  • MMPS SPARTAN 60 FA/ Colours available: C01, EB1
  • MMPS CENTURIO II 45/ Colours available: C01, EB1, S38
  • MMPS CENTURIO II 30/ Colours available: C01, EB1, S38, BP6
  • MMPS CENTURIO IV 30 FA – IR/ Colours available: SGO
  • MMPS CENTURIO IV 45 FA/ Colours available: C01, EB1
  • MMPS CENTURIO IV 30 FA/ Colours available: C01, EB1
  • MMPS POCKETS II – IR/ Colours available: SGO
  • RAIN COVER 60-120 L IR/ Colours available: CO1
  • BASHA IR/ Colours available: CO1
  • MMPS UTILITY POCKET/ Colours available: C01, S38
  • MMPS MOLLE PAD/ Colours available: C01
  • MMPS ORGANISER POCKET II/ Colours available: C01, S38, BP6
  • MMPS HYDRATION POCKET/ Colours available: C01, S38
  • MMPS GRAB BAG II/ Colours available: C01, S38
  • MMPS RADIO PAD/ Colours available: C01
  • MMPS LINER 35/ 70 WITH VALVE/ Colours available: C01
  • MMPS POCKETS II LARGE/ Colours available: C01, S38
  • MMPS HYDRATION RESERVOIR 3/ Colours available: CX9
  • MMPS LIGHTWEIGHT LINER 70/ Colours available: C01
  • MMMPS LIGHTWEIGHT LINER 35/ Colours available: C01
  • MMPS LIGHTWEIGHT POCKET LINERS 15 (set of 2)/ Colours available: C01
  • SGO: Stone Grey Olive
  • C01: Cedar
  • S38: Coyote
  • MC1: Multicam
  • EB1: Earth Brown
  • BP6: Black
  • CX9: Clear

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