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Unleash dominance with the QUADRO-SC, an advanced augmented vision system designed for optimal performance. This system enhances convenience and provides a decisive tactical edge for operators engaged in medium- to long-range scenarios.


П'ять основних режимів: Тепловий, денний, нічний, денно-синтетичний та нічно-синтетичний.


Запатентована мультисенсорна технологія для отримання відеозображень у реальному часі без затримок


Режими злиття використовують детальні знімки для підвищення обізнаності про обстановку


Унікальні функції підвищують зручність та надають вирішальну тактичну перевагу


Усунення непроглядної темряви завдяки режиму Fusion для постійної візуальної переваги

Next-Gen Vision: Unveiling the QUADRO-SC.

Представляємо вам QUADRO-SC, an advanced augmented vision multi-purpose system designed for optimal performance in tactical surveillance, observationі engagement across medium- to long-range distances. A breakthrough in cutting-edge detection systems, the QUADRO-SC harnesses GSCI’s patented multi-sensor technology to seamlessly operate in five primary modes: Thermal, Daytime, Nighttime, and the innovative Hybrid views—Day-Fusion and Night-Fusion.

Empowered by a range of unique features, this system prioritizes unparalleled convenience and confers a decisive tactical advantage to the operator. The QUADRO-SC’s real-time video capabilities without lag, coupled with Fusion modes that leverage detailed imagery from visible/near-infrared and long-wave infrared spectra, elevate situational awareness to unprecedented levels. The system’s innovative features enhance convenience and grant the operator a commanding edge by harmonizing both channels, generating exceptional real-time visual output and resulting in superlative detection and recognition capabilities.

One standout characteristic is the QUADRO-SC’s ability to eliminate the challenges of pitch darkness through the Fusion mode. Seamlessly combining the strengths of both channels ensures operators are never left without a clear visual advantage in challenging environments.

Experience the distinctive advantage of the QUADRO-SC, where cutting-edge technology meets excellence, redefining the landscape of augmented vision multi-purpose systems.

  • FPA Refresh Rate: 9Hz or 50Hz
  • Digital Zoom: 2X, 4X, 8X
  • Display: Full Size: 0.6-Inch, AMOLED, Colour, 800×600
  • Imaging Modes: Monochrome + 8 Colour Palettes
  • Compass: Yes
  • Inclinometer: Yes
  • Gyroscope: Yes
  • Adjustable Shock Sensor
  • Digital Video Recorder: Optional: Built-In or External
  • Power Source: 4pcs AA and External (e.g. MVP-240)
  • Battery Life: Up to 7 hours on 4x AA and up to 15 hours with MVP-240
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C .. +50°C
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 7 Years, Limited
  • Patented GSCI Fusion Technology
  • Designed for Professional Use
  • Up to 90 Different Operation Modes when used with QRF-4500
  • Set of Curated Technological Features
  • 100% Detection Capabilities
  • Fusion-Powered Identification Capabilities
  • Exceptional Situational Awareness
  • Optionally Aided by Various Target Location Features
  • Outstanding Endurance and Reliability
  • Latest Generation Hardware and Software
  • Battle-Proven MIL-STD Enclosure
  • Precision-Crafted to Tightest Tolerances
  • Powered by AA Batteries in Quick-Swap Cartridges
  • Extra Long Autonomy on MVP-240 Pack: up to 15 Hours

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