Supervisory board.

Leadership by General Patrick Cammaert

MSS Defence, recognising the strategic importance of solid governance and informed oversight, has established a supervisory board. Leading this board is General Patrick Cammaert.

The Cornerstone of MSS Defence

Our Supervisory Board

The efficacy and reputation of any esteemed organisation often lie in its leadership. The Supervisory Board at MSS Defence is not just a body of governance but the heart that ensures the company’s ethos remains intact. Through informed oversight and a strategic approach, the board has sculpted the organisation into a force to reckon with in the defence sector.

General Patrick Cammaert

Our Guiding Force

In the vast tapestry of military and strategic leaders, few names resonate as profoundly as General Patrick Cammaert. As the Chairman of MSS Defence’s supervisory board, General Cammaert is not just a figurehead but the embodiment of MSS Defence’s vision.

A Glimpse into General Cammaert’s Career

Serving the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps.

Undertaking crucial roles in nations grappling with challenges – from Cambodia to the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Advocacy roles post-retirement – leading dialogues on leadership during crises, civilian protection, and championing gender equality in the military.
Trusted advisory positions with the UN on peacekeeping strategies.
Spearheading critical UN missions and investigations in geopolitical hotspots such as Gaza, Yemen, and Syria.
General Cammaert brings unmatched expertise, steering the organisation’s vision towards mission readiness.

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