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Berghaus SMPS offers unmatched versatility for specialised missions, born from the success of MMPS. Designed for long-distance rifles and anti-tank weapon systems, it comprises three modular components, ensuring adaptability for diverse tasks. With features like the Crusader 90+20 WS, it addresses the unique challenges faced by military and police personnel, ensuring swift access to vital equipment.


Specialised Design: Berghaus SMPS caters to long-distance rifles and anti-tank weapon systems, ensuring optimal carrying solutions.


Modular Flexibility: Comprising three components, SMPS adapts seamlessly to diverse missions, offering unparalleled versatility.


Efficient Integration: Crusader 90+20 WS envelopes accommodate sniper rifles up to 130 cm, enhancing mission efficiency.


Adaptable System: SMPS allows standalone use or integration, offering flexibility without compromising on essential combat equipment.


Mission-Critical: Crafted for modern missions, SMPS ensures swift access to vital equipment, meeting the demands of tactical operations.

Berghaus SMPS: Unmatched Versatility for Specialised Missions.

Embark on missions with unparalleled versatility and efficiency with the Berghaus Tactical Special Mission Pack System (SMPS). Born from the success of the Multi Mission Pack System (MMPS), the SMPS takes specialised military and police carrying systems to new heights, designed specifically for long-distance rifles and anti-tank weapon systems.

The development of the SMPS is a testament to Berghaus’s commitment to excellence in addressing the unique challenges faced by military and police personnel. This modular system comprises three components that can function independently or seamlessly integrate, depending on the mission’s nature.

At the core of the SMPS is the Crusader 90+20 WS (Weapon Systems), featuring an envelope designed to accommodate the DragBag Long for sniper rifles up to 130 cm in length. For larger rifles, the DragBag Long allows them to be carried in two parts. Additionally, anti-tank weapon systems and oversized rifles can be transported in one piece when placed directly in the envelope of the Crusader 90+20 WS.

The genius lies in the adaptability of the SMPS—whether utilised as standalone components or synergistically combining them, the system ensures the flexibility required for diverse missions. No longer do professionals have to compromise on carrying their essential combat equipment while transporting anti-tank missiles or long-distance rifles.

The SMPS goes beyond conventional carrying systems by offering a tailored solution for specialised weaponry. Each component is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of modern missions, where the ability to carry and access mission-critical equipment swiftly is paramount.


SMPS models available:
  • SMPS CRUSADER 90+20 WS/ Colours available: C01
  • SMPS DRAGBAG LONG III/ Colours available: C01, BP6
  • SMPS FOLDABLE DAYPACK II/ Colours available: C01, BP6
  • SMPS AMMO POCKET/ Colours available: C01
  • C01: Cedar
  • BP6: Black

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