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Berghaus Medic Pack System (BMPS) revolutionises medic mobility, catering to the specialised needs of operational units or dedicated medic staff. Crafted through collaboration with seasoned medics, it offers modularity and adaptability to efficiently carry a comprehensive array of medical equipment, ensuring swift access in combat situations.


Specialised Solution: Berghaus Medic Pack System (BMPS) revolutionises medic mobility with modular, adaptive design for combat environments.


Expert Collaboration: BMPS is born from collaboration with seasoned medics, blending frontline insights with Berghaus’s technical excellence.


Comprehensive Capability: Crafted for combat medics, BMPS efficiently carries a full array of medical equipment, ensuring readiness in critical situations.


Proven Resilience: Rigorously tested in harsh environments, BMPS demonstrates unwavering resilience, providing reliable support in demanding conditions.


Customisable Efficiency: BMPS allows medics to customise their loadout, ensuring swift access to critical equipment for efficient medical intervention.

Revolutionising Medic Mobility: The Berghaus Medic Pack System (BMPS).

Introducing the Berghaus Medic Pack System (BMPS), a revolutionary solution meticulously crafted for the specialised needs of medic specialists within operational units or dedicated medic staff. Born from extensive collaboration with seasoned medic experts, BMPS stands as a testament to the amalgamation of frontline experience and Berghaus’s legacy as a premier rucksack supplier.

Crafted with a singular focus on the unique challenges faced by medics in combat situations, BMPS is a modular and adaptive system designed to efficiently carry a comprehensive array of medic equipment. This innovative solution emerges from a synthesis of real-world insights from combat medics and the technical excellence for which Berghaus is renowned.

The development of BMPS involved in-depth conversations and feedback loops with medic specialists who operate in some of the world’s most demanding environments. Their insights and first-hand experiences have been instrumental in shaping the design, functionality, and durability of BMPS packs.

Tested rigorously in the harshest conditions, BMPS packs have proven their mettle in the world’s toughest environments. From the unforgiving terrains to high-pressure combat situations, these packs have demonstrated unwavering resilience, ensuring that medics can focus on their crucial tasks without compromise.

What sets BMPS apart is its adaptability and modular nature. The system allows medic specialists to customise their loadout based on mission requirements, ensuring that they have swift access to critical medical equipment when every second counts. Whether it’s administering life-saving interventions or providing essential medical support, BMPS is designed to facilitate seamless and efficient workflows for medics.


BMPS models available:
  • BMPS FIRST AID KIT (FAK)/ Colours available: C01, S38, BP6
  • BMPS CENTURIO MEDIC / Colours available: C01, S38, BP6
  • C01: Cedar
  • S38: Coyote
  • BP6: Black

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