Berghaus Tactical

Where Excellence Meets Durability

Welcome to Berghaus Tactical, the frontline of precision, quality, and reliability. Born from the legacy of Berghaus, a name synonymous with the ruggedness of mountain houses, Berghaus proudly presents a bespoke collection that answers the call of military and police forces globally.

The Berghaus Legacy

Derived from the profound legacy of Fujifilm, Fujinon’s journey has been one of relentless pursuit of optical perfection. The brand’s ethos revolves around breaking barriers and setting unprecedented benchmarks in lens technology. By amalgamating cutting-edge research with hands-on expertise, Fujinon has paved the way for revolutionary changes in optical quality and efficiency, catering to both professionals and aficionados.


Where the outdoors meets the line of duty, you find Berghaus Tactical. A specialized range meticulously designed to cater to the unique demands of military and police forces. Integrating the ruggedness of outdoor gear with the specifics of military-grade requirements offering products that are not just built to last but built to perform under pressure.

Berghaus Products.

Tactical pack systems

Experience unparalleled operational support with our Tactical Pack Systems, a symbiosis of rugged durability and tactical versatility. Tailored to safeguard and streamline your mission essentials, these packs are your steadfast ally in every environment, from urban sprawls to challenging wilderness. Navigate your endeavours with confidence, knowing your gear is secure and accessible whenever the mission demands. Your relentless pursuit of objectives is backed by a pack system equally unyielding and determined.


Enhance your adaptive capabilities with our wide-ranging tactical accessories, crafted to bring bespoke adaptability to your missions. Our pouches and modular add-ons not only maximize your storage solutions but also refine your gear organization, empowering you to respond with precision and speed in every operational context. From specialized pouches to versatile storage options, equip yourself with accessories that morph your pack into a dynamically tailored, mission-ready asset. Your pathway to streamlined, adaptable operations starts here.

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