Aventure Tactical

Extreme products for extreme conditions

Adventure Tactical stands as a trailblazer, boasting a rich legacy of 30 years of innovation, over 60 patents across 11 product lines, and more than 240 designs. Our diverse portfolio encompasses cutting-edge Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) markers, beacons, and tags, alongside Expeditionary Landing Systems and Vehicle IFF Equipment, tailored to augment situational awareness and operational efficiency in demanding environments.

Why Choose Adventure Tactical?


Unmatched Durability and Performance

Our products excel in extreme conditions, being waterproof to 100 metres and functional at -40°C. They offer unparalleled resistance to impact, vibration, shock, and environmental factors. Our revolutionary design fuses the circuit board with the housing, creating a cohesive and robust unit. This ensures unmatched reliability and longevity, making Adventure Tactical the top choice for durable, high-performance solutions.

Advanced Technology

We offer the most advanced network-addressable, microprocessor-controlled lights. This cutting-edge technology enhances operational efficiency and situational awareness, giving you a competitive edge. Our products are engineered to deliver consistent, reliable performance, ensuring mission success in any environment.

Tailored Solutions and In-House Expertise

We provide customised, proven solutions designed to meet your specific needs. Our expert team engineers and manufactures all products in-house, ensuring top quality and precision. Whether you need bespoke equipment for a unique mission or specialised modifications, we deliver on-demand solutions tailored to your team’s requirements, ensuring mission readiness and effectiveness.

Adventure Tactical Products.

IFF Signal Lights

The cutting-edge IFF Signal Lights are designed to support mission-critical operations. Available in visual, NIR (860nm to 950nm), and SWIR (1050nm to 1550nm) wavelengths, they offer versatile identification capabilities. These lights enhance operational efficiency and safety by ensuring reliable identification across various conditions, including low-light and night operations.

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