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Berghaus Tactical


Сайтът BERGHAUS FULL MISSION PACK SYSTEM (FMPS) is a versatile and durable line of packs and bags designed for military use, featuring modularity for mission-specific customisation and exceptional protection for equipment.

Ultimate Versatility: Modular design allows easy customisation, perfect for adapting to mission-specific requirements in any environment.


Integrated Radio Operation: Crusader 90+20 EC’s central envelope enables radio use without unpacking, ensuring seamless communication.


Heavy Weapon Accommodation: Weapon Bag M securely carries heavy weapons with optics, providing convenient, protective storage.


Enhanced Portability for Short Weapons: FMPS Weapon Bag S II offers compact carry solution, compatible with various pocket systems.


Durable and Reliable: Constructed from high-quality materials, FMPS ensures exceptional durability and protection for all equipment.

BERGHAUS FULL MISSION PACK SYSTEM (FMPS): Versatile and Durable Gear for Military Use.

Сайтът BERGHAUS FULL MISSION PACK SYSTEM (FMPS) is a highly adaptable, durable line of packs and bags designed for military use.

Key features:
  • Crusader 90+20 EC: A robust 90+20 litre rucksack designed to carry all essential combat equipment. It features a central envelope for operating a radio without unpacking, maintaining full capacity for individual gear.
  • Weapon Bag M: Fits into the Crusader EC’s envelope and accommodates a range of heavy weapons, including light machine guns and sniper rifles with optics. It includes a detachable harness and hip belt and can be customised with FMPS accessory pockets.
  • FMPS Weapon Bag S II: An advanced version of the original Weapon Bag S, designed for short weapons and related gear. It features a removable shoulder harness and compatibility with BMPS, FMPS, MMPS, and SMPS pockets.
Предлагат се модели FMPS:
  • FMPS CRUSADER 90+20 EC/ Налични цветове: C01
  • ЧАНТА ЗА ОРЪЖИЕ FMPS/ Налични цветове: C01
  • ЧАНТА ЗА ОРЪЖИЕ FMPS M II/ Налични цветове: C01
  • C01: Cedar

The BERGHAUS FMPS line offers modularity for mission-specific customisation, high-quality materials for durability, and изключителен защита for equipment.

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